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Best Boat Grill – The Ultimate Grill Guide for your Boat

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the Best Boat Grill is then we would recommend the Magma Connoisseur Series Gas Grill.

Nothing beats a fresh grilled hot dog on the lake.  Or have you ever had fresh tuna when deep sea fishing?  Try throwing a tuna steak on the grill when heading back to shore.

We are reviewing the best boat grill on the market today.  Grilling on the water has a few more variables to consider than a regular grill.  Having the best marine bbq grill equipment can help ensure a safe, fun and delicious cookout on the boat.

Here are the grills that we will be reviewing:

Best Boat Grills

Our favorite is the Magma Connoisseur Series Gas Grill.  This grill checks all the boxes for boat grill masters. 

Magma Connoisseur Series Gas Grill

The Magma Connoisseur Series Gas grill is our choice for the best boat grill.  This grill is very versatile as it is great for the boat and as an onshore grill too.  It is easily mounted on your railing or in a rod holder.  This grill is made of high quality stainless steel which makes clean up and maintenance easy. 

Weighing only about 16 pounds it can be moved.  A nice feature is a swivel propane connection.  If you happen to run out of gas while grilling you can swing your valve for quick propane tank change.  Your food keeps on grilling without losing any heat.

Rod Mount

As with all Magma grills the mounts are sold separately but they are worth every penny.  The Rod Holder Mount swivels and locks into place so you can get the ideal set up.  The rail mount works great too.


  • 16 pounds
  • Fold away and lockable legs which makes it great for on-shore grilling too
  • Lockable lid
  • Swiveling propane valve makes it easy to put on a new canister if you run out of fuel while grilling
  • Easy clean up


  • Grill mount sold separately
  • Serving shelf is also sold separately but a great addition if you want extra prep room
  • Lid gets hot while cooking

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

The Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill is a great looking and high quality grill.  The polished stainless steel boat grill and kettle bell design is a classic grill at its finest. 

Magma builds grills for the water.  The hinged lid ensures that the grill stays open when you want it open and closed while your food is cooking.  As this grill is designed for convection cooking it is best to throw your food on the grill, close the lid and let it cook.

Rod Mount

This grill does not have a large cooking surface area so it is for smaller BBQ boat parties. The mount is not included however the mounts are pretty great so we recommend you check them out.  Here is the Rod Mount holder.  It swivels and locks your grill in place for easy grilling.


  • Electric ignition
  • 18-9 polished stainless steel and built to last
  • Hinged lid to prevent it suddenly opening or closing
  • Air cooled lid handle
  • Weighs less than 11 pounds


  • Small cooking surface
  • Not great if its windy
  • Mount not included
  • Built for convection cooking so keep it closed when grilling

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Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel Grill

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel Grill is our best value buy recommendation.  This is a great looking grill with 10,000 BTUs of power and has all the makings of a great boat grill.  It is portable and great for on-shore use too. 

This grill also includes a warming rack to hold your hot dogs while you work on the burgers.  Or use the warming rack to toast those buns that have been sitting in the cooler getting soggy.  The temperature gauge is an extra feature for a boat grill.

When you are done boating for the day the lockable lid makes for easy transport. 

Because the BTUs are so high it burns through propane quickly.  Be sure to bring a couple extra propane bottles with you on your boat trip.  Some people said assembly can be a bit cumbersome but it is worth it once completed.  You will need a custom mount for this grill so be sure you have a large flat space and on calm water when using this grill.


  • Large cooking area
  • Includes a warming rack
  • Fold away and lockable legs
  • Great for on-shore grilling too
  • Lockable lid
  • 10,000 BTUs
  • Very reasonable priced compared to other grills
  • Gauge for temperature control


  • Custom mounting required
  • Because it has so much power it burns through fuel quickly
  • Difficult assembly

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Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill is our favorite boat grill with Infrared technology. It is reasonably priced for an infrared grill.  An Infrared grill cooks food quickly and efficiently.  Grilling on the water requires dealing with the elements of the wind and water.  Infrared ensures that heat is evenly distributed on your food.  Infrared grilling also enhances flavor by evaporating any drippings.

This is a tough grill.  It is made of aluminum and very solidly built.  It is nothing fancy to look at but it belongings in the working class of grills

This Char-Broil Grill2Go requires custom mounting.  And it is quite heavy at 20 pounds.  Yet this makes it great for camping and the RV too.


  • This is the best infrared boat grill. Infrared cooking can be especially helpful in some choppy water or on a windy day
  • Made of tough aluminum
  • includes temperature gauge
  • Great for camping and RVs too
  • Large cooking area


  • Not mountable so you will need a to custom mount this grill or wait until you are at the dock or on land
  • Not fancy looking
  • Heavy portable grill at 20 pounds

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Portable/RV Grill

The Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Portable Grill is designed for an RV.  However this grill will work great on the water too.  You will need to custom mount this grill to your boat.  A mounting bracket comes included.

This grill hooks up to your traditional 16 ounce canister.  It also can hook up to an RV low pressure propane system which is a pretty cool feature.


  • Mountable and has folding legs
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Versatile propane options from a 1 pound canister, traditional propane tanks to even the ability to hook up to an RV low pressure propane source


  • Cooks very hot so you will need to keep a close eye
  • Not a traditional boat grill

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

Kuuma Premium Stainless Steel Mountable Gas Grill by Camco

Kuuma Premium Stainless Steel Mountable Gas Grill with Regulator by Camco.  This is a very reasonably priced boat grill.  It comes in the box fully assembled so it is ready to go.  It also comes in multiple cooking surface area options.  From 125 square inches up to 300 square inches for your big party cruises. 

The marine grade stainless steel makes this grill great for the water and easy to maintain. 

Rail Mount

The mounting options are sold separately however we like the mounts.  The rail mount works great on almost any side rail and helps you keep the deck area clear.  The rod holder mount helps angle the grill away from the boat too.  A big downside for this grill is no electric ignition.  Every griller usually has a method to deal with this issue, so be sure to bring a big lighter. 

Rod Mount


  • Compatible with 1 pound propane canisters
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Comes in multiple sizes from 125 square inches of cooking area to up to 300 square inches of cooking area
  • Marine grade stainless steel boat grill 
  • Only weighs 8 pounds


  • Mount sold separately however Kuuma has all the mounting options to fit your need
  • Small cooking surface area
  • No thermometer and no igniter

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

Magma Products Newport 2 Infrared, Gourmet Series Gas Grill

Magma Products Newport 2 Infrared, Gourmet Series Gas Grill lives up to its name.  It is definitely the most gourmet grill of all the best boat grills featured here.  Yes, it is pricey but it looks cool, has infrared grilling technology and has a glass window view. The marine grade stainless steel ensures a long life if you take good care to clean this grill after your boat trip.

The glass window view is great.  You can peak at your food without lifting the lid, thus saving heat and precious time.  The faster you can cook your food on the boat, the better it is.

We have discussed the perks of infrared before but the value cannot be overstated.  Infrared goes a long way to make cooking faster and more delicious. 

For all its features The Magma Newport is on the expensive side, and it doesn’t include a mount.  We recommend you pick the rod holder mount or the rail mount.


  • Glass window view
  • Marine grade polished stainless steel
  • Infrared grilling and infrared grilling screens provide extra flavor. As your drippings are instantly cooked and not burned
  • Electronic ignition
  • Swiveling valve for easy and safe canister replacement
  • Stay cool handle technology
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive compared to most other boat grills
  • Mount sold separately

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

The Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill is a solid choice because it is a versatile grill.  This grill is built for onshore or offshore uses.  The solid base requires a specialty mount however it can work well if you are at the dock without a mount. 

This grill only runs at 5500 BTUs but still packs a punch. The lower power means you use less propane while grilling on this medium sized surface area grill.

The legs are expandable allowing you to grill at multiple heights. When you are done grilling it folds up like a briefcase for easy carrying and transportation.


  • Can easily be stored and moved around as it locks up C
  • Easy transport
  • Versatile extendable legs which can adjust to any height
  • Great for Camping and RVs too
  • Only 5500 BTUs but still gets very hot with its stainless steel burner
  • Temperature control knob


  • Smaller in size at 145 square inches of cooking space
  • Lid gets very hot
  • Not built for boats however the legs are very stable for grilling on a calm day

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

What to look for in your Boat Grill

We recommend that you ensure your boat grill has marine adaptability.  In other words, is your grill going to function out on the water. 

Some boat grills are modified camp grills: small, compact and easy to transport. Yet some grills are built for the water. Others are For example if it is a choppy day and you have the grill lid open you don’t want the grill to slam shut on your hands. Some boat grills have spring loaded lids that will stay open until you pull them close.

Having a lid latch is also helpful, because you don’t want those burgers to go flying and become fish food.

Others have swivel mounts so you can turn the grill out of the wind without having to pick it up and move it. Stay cool handles and liners are more than just convenient, it makes grilling on the boat safer.  Our marine grill reviews consider all the below factors.


Grilling can be a dangerous sport on its own then add in some wind, waves and water and you get a full contact sport.  We recommend that you ensure your grill is securely mounted on your boat.  Rod holder mounts and rail mounts are usually best for grilling on the boat. 

If you are grilling on the water be sure to be in an open space on your boat.  Do not grill under or near any canvas or flammable materials. 

We recommend using propane for grilling when on your boat.  We DO NOT recommend using a charcoal grill on your boat.  The last thing you need while on the lake is charcoal to get loose on your deck. 

Efficient Grilling

Because you are out on the water you will need to cook quickly and efficiently.  Higher BTUs on your grill mean you will burn through propane much faster. Most boat grills use 16 ounce propane canisters instead of traditional large propane tanks.  Always carry a couple extra 16 ounce propane canisters with you on the boat in case you run out when you are grilling.  No one likes to eat half cooked chicken.


A secure mount is extremely helpful because safety is key when grilling on the open water.  Many grill mounts can insert directly into the rod holder.  Rod mounts come with swivels so you can turn your grill out of the wind.  Also, a rail mount is handy as it usually places the grill over the edge of the boat.  This gives you plenty of room to maneuver on the deck.

Fuel type

We only recommend using propane or natural gas grills out on the water.  Charcoal grills take longer to cook.  Speed is important when grilling on your boat.  You do not want a rogue wave knocking a few charcoals loose onto the deck of the boat.

If you have enough power on the boat you can always use an electric grill too.

Consider using an infrared propane grill when grilling on the water.  Infrared grills cook quickly and efficiently when you are out on the water.  Many boaters know a sudden storm can ruin your day.  Being able to get the juicy burgers off the grill and into your hand is ideal.

Cooking Surface Area

If you love to have big party cruises with family and friends you will need a grill with more surface area.  The more surface area on the grill the more food you can cook at once.  The largest boat grill we have seen offers up to 300 square inches of grilling area.  Enough for 8 to 10 burgers at once.

If you like to cruise with your spouse then you won’t need a very big grill. Even the smallest grills that we have on our best boat grill list will still feed a few people.

Corrosion and Maintenance

As boaters know even high quality materials get a run for their money after a lot of time out on the water.  High quality stainless steel is important as a little salt water can quickly rust out your grill.  It is usually best to store your grill on-shore and bring it out for your Sunday cruise. 

Look for marine quality stainless steel.  Always give your grill a good cleaning after using it out on the water.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Nothing beats a day on the water.  Throw in a cold drink and a hot burger and you have found paradise. 

For the best marine BBQ on the water we recommend the Magma Connoisseur Series Gas Grill as it offers great mounting options. It is reasonably priced giving you a lot for your money.  We also like the ability to quickly change out our propane tank in a safe and easy way even in the middle of grilling.  The high quality stainless steel is built for the water.

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