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Best Campfire Grill Grate: The Ultimate Guide

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the Best Campfire Grill Grate is then we would recommend the RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill Grate.

Are you looking for a simple and effective cooking method for your next camping trip? Campfire grill grates are the perfect solutions for easy meals during your expedition. This article defines what a grill grate is, the different types of grill grates, and an explanation of the best campfire grill grate.

Here are the grill grates that we will be reviewing:

Different Kinds of Campfire Grill Grates

So, what is a campfire grill grate? It is the same as a regular grill, except more straightforward to use. There is no cooking chamber involved, and you can position it anywhere you want. Grill grates fit perfectly over campfires and similar locations. They also do not require coal or a gas stove for power. You set the grill grate above the campfire and proceed to make your food.

Below are the three main types of grill grates. Each is unique, but all these options serve the same purpose. You must ask yourself what value these grate types provide for durability, design, and size.

Tripod Style

The tripod campfire grill grate sits on three legs and supports the grill in the middle. This position enables the camper to place the meat at the ideal height. The tripod legs handle all the contents’ weight, and most products come with an adjustable height component.

There can be stability issues with tripod grills, and setting them up is not easy. But campers who wish to distance their food away from a fire, the tripod style is the best method to choose.

Swivel Style

The swivel campfire grill grate offers the most versatility. This product’s adjustability features are what separate it from the other types. Weight capacity and installation will cause some issues, but a durable product option will do the trick. For beginner campers who need to adjust the food height, this is an excellent option.

Flat Style

The flat campfire grill grate type is reflective of its name. This flat model sits directly above the flames. There is not much room for versatility or movement with this product type. The setup process is simple because all you need to do is place it over the fire. Various flat grill grates come in a foldable structure, which can be beneficial for your cooking process.

Essential Features of a Quality Campfire Grill Grate

How do you know your grill grate choice is the right one? Many of the top grill grates on the market satisfy the top features below: durable materials, functional design, and optimal size.

Optimal Size

Depending on your intended grill use, the product size will tell you much about the quality. It is essential to ask yourself what you will be using it for where you will transport it, and how much weight you can withstand.

If you desire a large or extra-large model, you want to focus on the product at 26-40 inches in length or diameter. This size works perfectly for camping trips with lots of people.

Medium grill grates will come in sizes of 16-24 inches. For most people who go camping and cook for a small family, this size will accommodate nicely.

Small grill grates are an ideal option for solo campers. They will measure 12-14 inches in diameter, and they go well with extra small fires.

Durable Materials

Once you select the right size, you must also investigate the ideal structure. The two most popular construction types are stainless steel and cast-iron. So, what is the difference between these materials?

Cast-iron will make your grate much more resistant to heat. Although this option is durable, cast-iron will rust much quicker. However, if you properly care for your cast iron, it will have a very long life. The massive weight can also be an issue for portability. On the other hand, stainless steel will withstand light and rust much better. You will also be able to carry it easier.

Functional Design

The number of design features is also an important thing to consider. The different product offers unique components like height-adjustment capabilities, enhanced assembly system, and rotisserie skewer. Various products offer folding options to transform into square, rectangular, or round form.

Top Campfire Grill Grates on the Market

As we gathered the top five lists of grill grates on the market, we factored in the creativity in the design features, quality of materials, and the sizing options. We also analyzed what customers are saying online.

RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill Grate

Portability is one of RedSwing’s most admirable features. This lightweight grill grate and carry bag will satisfy your needs for people who are into backcountry country camping. Instead of using cast-iron materials, RedSwing uses stainless steel to keep the weight down.

Both the medium and large sizes are 13 inches and 17 inches, respectively. When you fold the grill grate, it decreases by one inch and allows you to transport effectively.

Despite the small weight, the legs provide consistent stability while you cook. Another excellent feature is the rounded, smooth corners. As you carry around this product, you are less likely to cut yourself.


  • The versatility allows you to use over a reliable fire pit or temporary BBQ grill
  • There are both large and medium sizes available
  • The lightweight design and carry bag make it a portable choice
  • The legs are 201 stainless steel and offer stability while cooking
  • The materials make the product resistant to corrosion and oxidation


  • The large and medium sizes are not as big as other grill grates on the market
  • The lightweight design sacrifices the durability of the materials
  • There are no height-adjustability options

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Texsport Heavy Duty Campfire Grill Grate

The Texsport grill grate is another portable stainless-steel option. The steel materials are securely welded and built for the long run. Although the product does not come with a carry bag, you can select various sizes. The larger model is an excellent solution for a meal for a few people, and the medium size is ideal for a single person or couple.

The base legs provide ample stability, but we do not like that it sits so close to the campfire. The height is not adjustable, so you must wait for the fire to burn low before using it.


  • The base legs are robust and thick
  • Portability features allow you to take it on the go easily
  • You have the choice of medium, large, and extra-large
  • The black exterior offers a sleek and stylish color
  • The steel materials are heavy-duty and welded
  • Legs fold up smoothly for proper storage


  • You cannot adjust the height
  • Carry bag not included
  • Various customers complain of the smell due to the epoxy layer
  • The metal coating transforms into a white powder when exposed to high heat

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Coleman Tripod Grill Grate and Lantern Hanger

Tripods are not as standard as the flat or swivel grill grates, but we had to include the Coleman Tripod on the list. Its main benefit is the height adjustability of the grill. You can set your ideal height by pulling the cord at the top.

The grill plate offers a spacious 17-inch diameter. But we do not like the absence of lip edges because it cannot stop food from rolling off. And although the grill grate is straightforward to adjust, it is difficult to work with the grate because the three legs interfere. But the legs are also adjustable, which allows you to make the base as narrow or wide as you wish.


  • The folding process is easy because of the tension bands
  • The legs can stretch as thin or wide as you need
  • Accommodates all fire pit sizes
  • The 17-inch diameter provides an ideal size for a larger pot
  • The product also doubles as a lantern hanger
  • The tripod design allows it to stand over a fire comfortably


  • The swinging can be excessive when you try to maneuver it
  • The grate does not contain a lip, which allows food to slide off easily
  • The product is not resistant to heat because of the elastic cords
  • If you leave the grate outside, it will rust quickly

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Wolf Grizzly Compact Backpack Grill Grate

The Wolf Grizzly grill grate is the perfect option for the lightweight backpacker. You can fold the product down into a compact package that fits snugly into your bag. Because it only weighs over two pounds, it is the perfect addition to a long hike.

Due to its minuscule construction, the durability is in question. The grate only holds up to 30 pounds, so you cannot cook any big meals on it. Wolf Grizzly has the thinnest materials on this review list, so we would not recommend it for small families.


  • Tiny structure and lighter weight allow you to pack it into a small bag and take it on the go
  • Excellent solution for backpackers or people that carry small loads
  • The kit comes with a foldable frame, carrying case, cleaning tool, rolling grill surface, fire set, allen key, and a microfiber cloth
  • Easily adjustable from 6 to 8 inches, which makes it stay in a flat mode
  • Accommodates all fuel sources
  • The steel materials are vital for such a lightweight product


  • The thin structure can also cause long-term durability issues
  • The stretching capabilities are limited to 8 inches
  • It only suits single people are couples because of its small size

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Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Cast Iron Grill Grate

Steven Raichlen’s grill grate is the only cast-iron product on the list. This material makes it much more robust than the other choices on the list. It is the perfect grill grate for a permanent spot, like the backyard fire pit. Although it is a sturdy grill, it is not the best product to carry on the go.

One of the striking characteristics of this grill grate is its small structure. Photos might make it look big online, but its size measures 14 x 14 inches. The legs only stand four inches tall, which means you will need to wait for the fire to burn low before you begin cooking.


  • Cast-iron materials make this one of the more durable options on the list
  • Best suited for a permanent fire pit in the backyard
  • Ideal to use on enamel grates or conventional chrome, which produces quality grill markings
  • The legs easily screw on and off for easy setup and storage
  • Grill grate goes well with both a charcoal and wood campfire
  • Cast-iron construction is also heat-resistant


  • Too heavy to transport
  • The product sits very low to the ground, so you must wait for the fire to die down before using it
  • The product emits chemicals like carbon monoxide, which can cause reproductive issues or birth defects

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Our Winner: RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill Grate

We went with the RedSwing because it satisfied everything you would want out of a grill grate. Its design function allows you to carry it around easily. The unique structure also enables you to use it over a temporary BBQ grill or solid fire pit. Although the sizes are smaller than the market average, the large 17-inch option provides an ideal choice for group cooking.

Stability is an excellent feature of the 201 stainless steel legs, so you do not need to worry while cooking. Because the materials are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, the product will not deteriorate in the long run. The RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill Grate is a versatile product that provides you the best value out of any product option on the list.

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