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Best Gas Grill with Rotisserie: Guide For 2020

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the Best Grill with a Rotisserie is then we would recommend the Broil King Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill.

Are you looking to serve your family and friends something from the grill? Rotisserie grilling is a popular, tasty, and easy outdoor option for grillmasters of any skill level. When meat slowly rotates over a heating surface, it ends up juicy, tender, and evenly cooked.

Don’t worry if you’re new to rotisserie cooking, because I’ve rounded up the five best gas grills with a rotisserie option, plus a complete buyer’s guide with everything you need to know:

Here are the grills that we will be reviewing:

Buyer’s Guide for Gas Grills with Rotisserie

Slowly turning a piece of meat above a heating element is one of the oldest cooking methods available, but it’s far from primitive. Today, you can find a wide variety of sophisticated rotisserie options for your backyard grill. Here’s what to consider when shopping for a gas grill with a rotisserie.

What is a Rotisserie?

Rotisserie cooking is when a piece of meat is skewered with a stick and slowly rotated above a fire or grill. While ancient people used wooden sticks, today most rotisserie rods are made from stainless steel because it’s durable, easy to keep clean, and conducts heat evenly.

When talking about a BBQ with a rotisserie, you might picture meat twirling above an open flame, but many rotisserie systems are found on gas grills. Typically, the rotisserie fits over a back burner on a grill. Because it doesn’t need much tending, you can let the rotisserie rotate in the back of the grill, leaving the front space for burgers, steaks, and other meats that need more consistent attention.

What Can You Cook on a Rotisserie?

Generally, a rotisserie is used for grilling large pieces of meat or whole animals, such as:

Each brand will have a different weight limit, although usually, a home grill can hold up to about 15 pounds. However, larger, more commercial options are available if you want to grill a whole pig or anything else of a substantial size.

What are the Benefits?

Rotisserie grilling offers two significant benefits over the traditional type.

Increased Taste

Rotisserie grilled meats are delicious! Rotating meat slowly over a low, indirect heat source gives it time to baste in its own juices and fat. It ends up juicy, tender, and filled with flavor.   

Simple and Easy

Additionally, cooking with a rotisserie is incredibly easy. While you want to baste it occasionally, most of the time, you want to keep it shut in the grill. The closed lid allows the convection current to cook the meat evenly inside while also lightly crisping the skin.

For the most part, rotisseries self-baste quite effectively. They allow the juices to reach far deeper into the meat than when brushing manually.

Features to Consider

Pay close attention to the following features on the grill:

Heating Capacity

You want to consider the grill’s total heat output, which is determined not only by the BTUs it generates but also by its total cooking area.

The heat generated is measured in BTUs. Typically, for rotisserie cooking, you want a grill that generates between 75 and 100 BTUs per one square inch of cooking surface. You want to divide the total BTUs generated by the total size of the cooking area.

In most cases, you’ll want a grill with a minimum of 450 square feet, which can accommodate enough meat to feed an average family of four. If you regularly feed larger groups or want to cook whole animals, you might want something larger.


Stainless steel is usually the best option for both the rotisserie rod and grill construction. It allows for efficient heat conduction, which results in even cooking throughout the entire piece of meat. Additionally, it’s easy to keep clean.

Adjustability / Removability

You’ll find that many rotisseries either fold away or can be removed from the grill. A removable rod is often ideal because it can free up space for traditional grilling. Rods that fold into a built-in compartment are often easier to use because you don’t have to worry about losing any grill components, but they’re often more expensive than ones that you simply pull out by hand.  

The 5 Best Gas Grills with Rotisserie for 2020

Here’s a rundown of the five best gas grills with a rotisserie option for 2020. You’ll find compact grills for family use, larger options for bigger feasts, and other types suitable for specific needs. Let’s take a closer look!

Best Overall: Broil King Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill

Let’s start with the Broil King S590, my top pick for grilling with the family in the backyard. It’s a reliable, stylish, and affordable grill with a full-length rear rotisserie burner.

You can cook an awesome array of food simultaneously on this grill. The main burner is 625 square feet, with an output of 55,000 BTUs. That’s where you’ll cook single-serve items such as burgers, hot dogs, and drum sticks.

The rotisserie spins over the 15,000 BTU rear burner. It allows you to cook larger items, such as whole chicken breasts, while still having access to the front burner. Finally, a 10,000 BTU side grill is perfect for warming smaller foods like corn ears.

The stainless steel construction features Dual-Tube burners and 9mm-rod cooking grids. I love how it creates an even cooking surface for consistent, predictable cooking. Plus, the blue LED rings around the control knobs not only let you cook in the evenings and nights, but they look cool, too!   


  • Large cooking surface with three burners
  • Stainless steel construction is durable and stylish
  • Ideal for family grilling and small to medium-sized gatherings
  • Blue LED lights give the grill a cool, modern look


  • Customer service can be difficult to reach
  • Interior can rust (you’ll want to keep the grill covered)

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Best Budget Option: Monument Grills 17842 4-Burner with Rotisserie

You don’t have to spend big to enjoy the benefits of a rotisserie grill. When people ask my budget recommendation, this is the grill I steer them towards. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also easy-to-use, making it a great choice for first-time grill buyers.

Monument’s grill has four main burners and a side burner for a total cooking area of 513 square inches. It’s a remarkably user-friendly grill with pilotless ignition, a built-in thermometer, and other helpful features.

The removable grill is easy to remove but also sits securely when attached. It handles all types of popular meats, including chicken, turkey, and lamb. The stainless steel construction and well-engineered rotisserie help ensure delicious, evenly-cooked meats every time.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use, even for a beginner
  • Cooks meats evenly for maximum flavor
  • Features four burners with a 513 sq in cooking area


  • Assembly required
  • Exterior surface can rust after excessive water contact

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Best Performance: Weber Summit E-470

If you’re the type of backyard chef who wants total control over the grill, you’ll find a lot to like with Weber’s Summit E-470. It allows for precision fine tuning plus both direct and indirect heating. Even beginners will find it easy to cook meat to any temperature or style.

Everything about the design is specifically geared towards enhancing the flavor of your food. The steep hood helps circulate a rich smoky flavor to the meat, and the bottom of the grill helps fill the meat with flavor from the sizzle. It has 580 square feet of cooking space with a main burner, side burner, sear burner, and rotisserie burner.  

The best feature here is the innovative rotisserie system. It folds away when you don’t need it thanks to a flip-up motor and built-in storage for both the spit and fork. A fold-away system gives you a larger, more accessible cooking space when you want to grill burgers, hot dogs, and similar small foods.   


  • Rotisserie system folds away when not needed
  • Design helps add a smoky taste to meats
  • Large cooking surface with four burners
  • Allows for precise temperature control


  • Grill surface doesn’t clean easily, especially after heavy use
  • The included tray doesn’t move smoothly at times

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Best Heavy-Duty Option: Lion Premium Grills 90823

If you’re looking for a grill that’s a bit bigger and stronger than the others on our list, check out the 90823 from Lion Premium Grills. It has five burners across a 1,030 square inch cooking surface, making it suitable for cooking about 30 burgers or several small-to-medium-sized chickens.

The back burner holds the rotisserie, which uses a stainless steel rod and a geared motor to hold up to forty pounds at once.

Overall, it’s a heavy-duty grill with large knobs and 16-gauge, stainless steel construction. While it’s probably a bit too much for a small family, it’s ideal for larger gatherings and fairly heavy volumes of grilling.


  • Large grill with five burners
  • Rotisserie holds up to 40 pounds
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction


  • Rear burner can run hotter than the front
  • Large size takes up a fair amount of space

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Most Versatile: Napoleon BIP500RBNSS-3

Napoleon’s BIP500RBNSS-3 lets you control your grilling with both direct and indirect heating options. Plus, the rotisserie has a fully-integrated infrared burner, for some of the evenest heat distribution possible.

Another notable feature with this grill is the optional charcoal tray. Even though it’s a gas grill, you can use the tray to add a delicious hint of smoky charcoal flavor to your meats.

Finally, it’s an incredibly well-constructed grill with stainless-steel construction, an easy-to-lift roll top lid, and large control knobs with lighted accents for increased visibility.


  • Allows for both direct and indirect heating
  • Optional charcoal flavoring
  • Durable construction with a strong hinge and large knobs


  • Replacement parts are difficult to find

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Rotisserie grilling is easy, tasty, and adds a whole new element of fun to your outdoor barbecuing. While all of the products listed above have plenty of benefits, if you’re looking for the best all-around option, I recommend the Broil King Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill because it has a large size, durable construction, and stylish design.

Enjoy the juicy, tasty flavors only found with rotisserie grilling. Cooking on a gas grill with a rotisserie burner is easy for outdoor chefs of all skill levels, and an ideal method for a huge range of meats, including whole animals. Use the guide above to find the best gas grill with rotisserie to create tender, juicy meals your family will love!

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